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About Love Rising Collective

Love Rising Collective is a membership community led by me, Briana Borten, your guide. We gather in a group 4 times per month to get in touch with our True Selves, our essence, which enables you to experience life with an unshakeable security that you can handle whatever comes your way with more grace, ease and success. I use my direct connection to Spirit to tune into the field of energy that binds us all together, and to help us all find our seats in the web of the universe.

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Get access to exclusive member-only guided coursework, custom-designed for your spiritual growth and awakening.

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Get access to exclusive members-only Spirit Guidance calls, to connect to your inner wisdom.

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Get access to exclusive members-only Integration Sessions, to help you clear blocks and move spiritual revelations into your life.


Join our thriving community of light-seekers and hope-bringers as we gather online twice a month for calls, and in our private Facebook group!